About Us

Inovasi Mega Mandiri has been engaged in the field of Trading and Interior Contractor for years. In 2015 we re-expanded the area of wall par ons under the name Fas no Mandiri Indonesia. With the establishment of Fastino Indonesia, PT. Fastino Mandiri Indonesia has become a pioneer of Solid Walls inIndonesia.

Solid Wall is a type of technology that has been used for years in Japan and Taiwan. Since these two countries are located in regions with high seismic activity, most buildings in these two countries use Solid Walls because they do not crack easily andare more flexible compared to typical walls.

Fastino Indonesia itself uses the same system that is used in Japan and Taiwan. This system has many advantages compared to other wall mounting systems. This system also can generate more space due to the thinner wall dimensions. Although Solid Walls are thinner, they are stronger than other walls, including clay brick walls. By using Fastino Indonesia, the Solid Walls produced will be very precise and free of blemishes.